Onomastics and prosopography

Onomastics and prosopography of the Marmor Parium

Extraction and annotation of personal names in the Parian Marble

The text of the Parian Marble cites many personal names related to the events described in the chronicle. The text includes the names of 15 Athenian kings, 65 Athenian archons, and 193 occurrences of ancient Greek historical and literary figures.

The DMP Chronological Table, which is embedded below, offers a complete list of personal names from the Parian Marble:



Annotation and visualization of place names in the Parian Marble


Representation of chronological expressions in the Parian Marble


Annotation of linguistic expressions in the Parian Marble


High resolution images and drawings of the Parian Marble


Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) of the Parian Marble